Ford’s “Plan to Build” Fails Those Most Vulnerable


TORONTO, ONTARIO –  Proposed changes, while great for those who can work, leave those who cannot work destitute.

“We have been pushing the government to increase the amount recipients can earn before clawing back earnings, so it is good to see this change now. However this change only benefits those who can work, and does nothing for the vast majority who cannot work. We need to double ODSP now. Legislated poverty must end.” says Maddy Dever, Director of Policy

“We need to continue to amplify our stance to Double ODSP now, while this helps those who can work, it is also a failed attempt to encourage people to work. Uniformity and one size fits all, does not work. Doubling ODSP will amplify quality of life and reduce stress of making a difficult choice between food, shelter or clothing” says Anthony Frisina, Director of Media Relations

The vast majority of ODSP recipients are unable to work due to no fault of their own. The more severe your disability the less support the Ontario government is willing to provide. It is undignified, unliveable and shameful. People with disabilities and their caregivers deserve much more support. 

Our grassroots organizations endeavour to spread awareness and demand better treatment of people with disabilities in Ontario, especially demanding the end of legislated poverty by increasing Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefit rates above poverty. 


We have linked a resource here created by Maddy Dever which reflects the changes ODSP + income with the newly proposed clawback amounts and rates for those able to work.

Ontario Disability Coalition is a grassroots organization advocating for the rights, inclusion, equitable treatment, and dignity of Ontario residents with disabilities. 

Media inquiries:

Ontario Disability Coalition: | @ODCoalition   |  @MattJDever

One thought on “Ford’s “Plan to Build” Fails Those Most Vulnerable

  1. Thank you for speaking out on my/our behalf.
    Governments of all stripes through out history have always pandered to their own self interest.
    The world is changing very rapidly and it is only those such as OD Coalition that stand between the poor and Big Government.
    It is with deep gratitude that those of us who are unable to speak up for ourselves acknowledge your hard work and dedication to helping those less fortunate.
    Thank you and please keep up the good work even when those like Doug Ford turn their back on us.


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