Press Release – Rally4ODSP – Nov 1st, 2022 Double ODSP Now


TORONTO, ONTARIO – URGENT! ACTION REQUIRED: ODSP ActionCoalition (ODSPAC) partnered with Ontario Disability Coalition and, will be holding our third #Rally4ODSP at Queen’s Park on November 1st, 2022, starting at 11am* 

These grassroots organizations endeavour to spread awareness and demand better treatment of people with disabilities in Ontario, especially demanding the end of legislated poverty by increasing Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefit rates above poverty. 

Despite a recent five per cent increase to ODSP rates, clients remain at least 40 per cent below the poverty-line despite runaway inflation not seen since the mid-1980s and a national housing crisis. 

“A five per cent increase doesn’t even replace half of what’s been eroded by inflation just since 2018, when the current government first took office – we need immediate action!” says Trevor Manson, Co-chair, ODSP Action Coalition

Can you survive on $1228 a month? Every month we are left with choices as to what we can pay.  Rent? Food? Utilities? Transportation?  We risk losing housing to renovictions, sellovictions or being kicked out as roommates. The cost of rent has increased 20-80% to $1400-$1800 across the province” says Maddy Dever, Ontario Disability Coalition / #DoubleODSPNow

For many individuals on the Ontario Disability Support Program, it is not even $1228. They receive closer to $900. Yet this is what people living with disability are expected to do, month after month, year after year. We are joining with advocates across Ontario calling to double ODSP immediately. The alternative pushes more people over the edge into homelessness, which costs us all more as shelters and food-banks are vastly more expensive to maintain.” says Sherry Caldwell co-founder Ontario Disability Coalition 

The list of speakers/performers at the Rally will include voices of lived experience of disability and poverty among other dedicated allies and supporters. 

We are calling on the Ontario government to immediately double social assistance rates to help quell the evictions, desperation, starvation and homelessness amongst clients! 


ODSP Action Coalition, Ontario Disability Coalition and DoubleODSPNow are each grassroots organizations advocating for the rights, inclusion, equitable treatment, and dignity of Ontario residents with disabilities. 

*This is a medical-mask friendly event, please stay home if you’re feeling sick. This event will also be live streamed on Facebook.

Media inquiries:

ODSP ActionCoalition: | @ODSPAction

Ontario Disability Coalition: | @ODCoalition   |  @MattJDever

3 thoughts on “Press Release – Rally4ODSP – Nov 1st, 2022 Double ODSP Now

  1. Wishing yous the best & hope this will help. This is crazy for us on ODSP to live off of this amount. It’s a struggle every month and stressful..Thanks for doing this Ralley


    1. People with disabilities should solely qualify for ODSP because they’re disabled! Not based on assets or income as it is judicated currently. What is the purpose in imposing subjugating, persecutory conditions, limitations, other than to subject the most vulnerable to unjustified abject poverty, pain and suffering! This is and always was the intent of this highly Discriminatory and prejudice legislation, Full Stop!


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