ODC Petition to support ALL children and youth with disabilities

The Ontario Disability Coalition was formed to break down the barriers that provide access to therapy for children, youth and adults with an ongoing disability.

The continuing reductions of support for our disabled children and youth has reached critical conditions.  The changes in the accessibility to essential services for school age children was reviewed and reported upon in the July 2010 “Report of School Health Support Services” produced by Deloitte Inc.  Little has improved since this report.  More and more children need these services everyday but the services have not changed to meet this increase and may have indeed been reduced.

Many children and youth with ALL types of disabilities have no access to ongoing and continuous therapy designed to improve their quality of life to promote their independence.  We wish that the Ontario Government urgently change this sad situation for those who cannot fight back.

All changes need the support of all Ontarians – please download and sign the ODC Petition Please have friends and neighbours do the same.  Return signed Petitions to: Ontario Disability Coalition 5 Skywood Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 4L2.

Deloitte Review Report

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