Consultation Is Not Therapy

A disabled child, youth or adult can benefit greatly from the hands-on treatment provided by a health professional.  A trained Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Behavioural Therapist, and/or a Speech and Language Therapist can work wonders and make life-changing differences. The Ontario Government cutbacks have reduced access to this needed therapy and are handing it over to the […]

About OCD

The Ontario Disability Coalition (ODC) is a grassroots coalition that was established in 2017 to be the voice of parents, caregivers, health service professionals and disabled individuals children and adults. Our primary goal is to advocate for health care services that a person needs to find their way towards achieving as normal a life as […]

ODC Petition to support ALL children and youth with disabilities

The Ontario Disability Coalition was formed to break down the barriers that provide access to therapy for children, youth and adults with an ongoing disability. The continuing reductions of support for our disabled children and youth has reached critical conditions.  The changes in the accessibility to essential services for school age children was reviewed and […]

ODC – Mission Statement

Ontario Disability Coalition Mission Statement: To enable children with ALL disabilities to access therapy to improve their quality of life and to increase independence. To advocate for publicly funded, accessible, flexible services for individuals with disabilities and their families. To assist with policy development and issues related to children, youth and adults with disabilities. To […]