Press Release


ODSP Action Coalition and Ontario Disability Coalition will hold our fourth #Rally4ODSP at Queen’s Park on Tuesday, April 25th, 2023, starting at 11am.

Disability advocates across Ontario are condemning the recent 5% increase to some Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) rates as woefully inadequate to lift clients out of poverty and fails to address the urgent needs of disabled individuals who rely on the program to survive. The situation is even more urgent considering the rising cost of living due to rampant inflation, leaving many disabled people vulnerable to food insecurity and homelessness. Join us in demanding the government takes concrete action to lift Ontario residents with disabilities out of poverty to allow us to live with adequacy, respect, and dignity!

The family-friendly event will feature speakers and performers representing many communities and expressing the need to eliminate the legislated poverty inflicted on disabled people by successive provincial governments. ASL interpretation will be provided by the advocacy group Disability Without Poverty, and the event will be live-streamed on social media. Masking/physical distancing is encouraged.

“Tying benefit rates to the annual rate of inflation with a base amount this far below the poverty line will enshrine legislated poverty for ODSP clients in perpetuity – we need immediate action!” Trevor Manson, Co-chair, ODSP Action Coalition


ODSP ActionCoalition: | @ODSPAction

Ontario Disability Coalition: Anthony Frisina 905.741.2712.

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