MEDIA RELEASE – Ford government fails people with disability with a sub-inflation increase of 5%

Wednesday August 10th, 2022, Ford government’s budget fails people with disability with a sub-inflation ODSP increase of 5%

CARLETON PLACE, ON – Disability advocate Maddy Dever issued the following statement on behalf of many people with disabilities across the province in response to the introduction of the Ford governments 2022 Budget.

“In a time of extremely high inflation, the Ford government missed an opportunity to support the most vulnerable in this province. The 5% included in Budget 2022 still comes up 3% short from today’s 8.1% inflation rate.

We’d continue to erode every month after that $58 more a month will not house us, feed us, or clothe us. It is little more than birdseed to a suffering population. says Maddy Dever from the Ontario Disability Coalition.

Media contact:
Maddy Dever (they/them)
Director of Policy, Ontario Disability Coalition (

Anthony Frisina
Director of Media Relations, Ontario Disability Coalition


About the Ontario Disability Coalition:
The Ontario Disability Coalition was founded to address and redress the ongoing and proactive discrimination of the Government of Ontario against persons with disabilities. It is a grassroots organization, comprised of thousands of concerned parents, caregivers, and persons living with disabilities in Ontario.

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2 thoughts on “MEDIA RELEASE – Ford government fails people with disability with a sub-inflation increase of 5%

  1. Doug Ford, and, let’s be honest, Conservatives in general, just want disabled people to die. These are not good people. Unfortunately, this last provincial election laid bare that Ontario doesn’t care about disabled people. I don’t believe Canada does either. Everyone is so selfish and hateful. I believe everyone–from nurses to teachers–is willing to stomp on us to get what they want, and don’t give a damn what happens to us. How teachers can ask for more than an 11% raise from the Ontario government and threaten to strike while people on ODSP are choosing MAiD…we just don’t matter to anyone, but each other…this treatment is unforgivable. Thank you for fighting for us. As a permanently disabled woman on ODSP and only private healthcare options for my case (which mean no healthcare, no recovery, more illness), I so appreciate what you do. Disabled people do not live in the same Canada as everyone else. It must be so discouraging and maddening to have to fight this fight–trying to get people to care about a vulnerable population–and have it be like talking to a brick wall. This can wear the psyche and spirit down, so please take good care of yourselves. Many thanks, sincerely. You are my heroes. Please have a wonderful day. Erin


  2. As to me myself having more than one ailment that causes disabilities, I am willing to work if I had Mobility… I do not qualify for the assist device program for a mobility scooter because I do t need it I my home.. I am housebound because of this.. my home is too small for a scooter so I’m disqualified .. I think it’s Rediculous that a mobility scooter repairs are covered but to purchase one through odsp isn’t

    I am one of the lucky ones tHough because of the increased Rents in Ontario where ppl on odsp can’t survive because I’m in non-profit housing.. I don’t know where I’d be of I wasn’t.. I’d probably choose MAID AND I WOUKD BE WELL MISSED BY MY LOVED ONES.. MAID should never be allowed for empoverished ppl in Canada.. Canada should be taking care of our own ppl tbat are citizens here already not bringing in foreigners and giving them a time start up allowance to purchase a home a car and start up a business… please Canada let’s start taking care of all our citizens

    You know the thing is, the money woukd go back into our economy, keep businesses going .. let’s invest I our most special COMADITY , our ppl And let’s not see them as an inconvenience and allow MAID .. PLEASE PLEASE DONT ALLOW THIS FOR HONELESSNESS AND EMOPVERUSHE AND PPL THAT CAN LIVE WITH THEIR DISABIKITY


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