The Crisis in Accessible Housing in Canada


We all need universal design (fully accessible) housing if we are to be able to live in place with Home Care Ontario.

Seniors and people of all ages with disabilities should not be forced into Long Term “Care”.

This is an issue about which the Raging Grannies have been singing.
(see links below)

CUSJ Webinar

The Crisis in Accessible Housing in Canada

Kate Chung, Co-chair, Accessible Housing Network
Tracy Odell, President, Citizens with Disabilities – Ontario
Thea Kurdi, President, DesignABLE Environments Inc.
Rollin’ Universal Design 22
% of Canadians have a disability. Why is there no law requiring that any housing be accessible? Toronto Raging Grannies sing “Ontario get Rollin” on Universal Design for accessibility for all! Yah!
Change the Building Code Now! In Ontario, 1.85 million people live with a disability, including 40% of people over 65. The Toronto Raging Grannies sing, “Change the Building Code Now!”

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