Seeking Education Advocates

Seeking Education Advocates to build a Network. 

Dr Norm Forman has approached Ontario Disability Coalition with the idea of bringing a group of parents/advocates together to focus on Education Advocacy. If your interested please read his message below and connect with him via email to discuss this further. 

Message from Dr. Norm Forman

An IEP for Parent Advocates! The Individual Education Plan for students with disabilities is a powerful tool when used and monitored properly which can contribute significantly to the educational well-being of children. I will use it as a model for my idea of creating a plan for a resource entity to significantly support parents in all phases of advocacy for their children with disabilities. This proposal would include “checks and balances,” issues of implementation and opportunities for enforcement.

In this process we will explore the current situation, its strengths and weaknesses and create a plan of what is needed and how to achieve it. Using the IEP analysis we would examine our expectations for a working model, review our strategies for getting there and describe in detail our assessment methods for examining the outcome.

For the past twenty-five years I have been working with parents, families, and children in a variety of settings as a school psychologist advocate. I have created training programs for special needs associations (Learning Disabilities, Tourette Syndrome Foundation,) and conducted Workshops for others. My book: Exceptional Children, Ordinary Schools – Getting the Education You Want for your Child has served as a training manual for the programs.

I am inviting Interested parties to attend a virtual Planning Meeting where we will share our ideas and put together a concrete proposal to improve the future well-being of school children with disabilities I will also take this opportunity to share what I have learned working in this field for so many years. If you wish to attend send your name, email address, and briefly your background and the days and times you are available to connect

Dr. Norm Forman

Pictured is Dr Norm Forman book titled Exceptional Children – Ordinary Schools, Getting the Education you want for your Special Needs Child

One thought on “Seeking Education Advocates

  1. I am interested in helping out. My daughter has dealt with social anxiety for many years now but was only recently dx with autism at 16 yrs old. Her high school refused to implement an IEP with the SA diagnosis and continued to refuse even after her autism diagnosis. She is now home schooled. I am physically disabled and am single mother so fighting ith the school was useless.


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