We are talking about people’s lives. People who don’t have a seat at the table

The arches of Queens Park legislature  are  in the background. With two security guards in front. Aristotle Domingo is standing in front at the microphone delivering a speech.
Aristotle Domingo founder of the Amputee Coalition standing in front of Queens Park at a microphone presenting at the ODC Funding Rally in 2019. A rally poster beside him which reads No One Left Behind.

Aristotle Domingo, Founder of the Amputee Coalition of Toronto – #Rally4ODSP Message for all Canadians

“I don’t know how much more research and data needs to be presented to the powers that be to understand the relationship between poverty and people with disabilities, and the barriers it presents including the quality of life for those who experience it, but someone needs to listen and advocate for this population.

Action is needed. Not empty words. Not empty promises that is dependent on political party alignment .

We are talking about people’s lives. People who don’t have a seat at the table. Solving poverty, especially for those who experience disabilities is not a one political issue. It’s everyone’s issue.”

ODCoalition will be sharing a series of messages from advocates unable to attend the #Rally4ODSP due to concern related to covid. If you like to submit a message we could post related to #ODSPoverty or #DisabilityWithoutPoverty by email to OntarioDisablityCoalition@gamil.com please include an image.

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