Is School Safe?

Medically Fragile Parents take on what’s happening with the Return to School plan in Ontario:

We need to watch what’s happening with schools and kids in the US. I’ve read that Delta is spreading like crazy in schools and amongst children. I feel that the Ontario government’s plan realizes that Delta is going to spread in school, but is banking on the fact that a solid percentage of the adult population is vaccinated, which nets out to Ford’s operating assumptions that:

(1) kids infected with COVID19 won’t get sick enough to take up too many pediatric beds (which means some children will still get sick, just not enough to overwhelm the hospital system);

(2) fully vaccinated adults who get infected with a severe variant like Delta will (hopefully) not get sick enough to take up ventilators;

(3) unvaccinated 12+ are gambling with their lives, but its their right to choose to do that, and the government must have number crunched such that even when kids invariably bring Delta home, they believe the hospitals have the capacity to manage severe COVID19 infections in the unvaccinated; and finally

(4) medically vulnerable, at high risk people, are a much smaller population than the general population who demand that their kids are back in school with as few restrictions as possible so that they can go back to their normal lives, which will hopefully combat the children’s mental health crisis that happened through the pandemic.

The high risk vulnerable under 12s, the 12+ who are immunocompromised, the unlucky children who get very sick, or develop long term COVID19? The government doesn’t care. Why?

Because when hospital capacity is overwhelmed, it is a public health crisis, and the government is forced to respond.

But, if a bunch of vulnerable, unlucky people are exposed to COVID19 and die, or are forced to remain shut in to survive (the vulnerable, immunocompromised children), the government takes no responsibility for it and its more of a “too bad, so sad, not our problem” situation. It is so so sad.

If the Ontario government had stuck to the previous iteration of school (masking, cohorts, no sharing, no assemblies, no singing, no gym, proper reporting and classroom shutdowns), then we all had a chance at a return to some normalcy. Not just the privileged, healthy children, but all children.

One thought on “Is School Safe?

  1. You are bang on with your assessment. David Fisman’s resignation from the Science Table today lends weight to the view that the Ontario Government is headed down a reckless and cold-hearted path. My son will not return to in person learning for these reasons, yet our Board is offering no virtual option for spec ed. He has to leave his friends and teachers and join a mainstream class in order to join virtually. Absurd.


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