Introducing Anthony Frisina as our media representative.

It is imperative people with disabilities lead the way to a barrier free Ontario. So, we are pleased to announce a long time advisor of Ontario Disability Coalition, Anthony Frisina who has agreed to become our official media representative.

Anthony Frisina seated smiling  in a bright peach button down shirt wearing the 2020 Order of Hamilton medal around his next.
2020 Order of Hamilton recipient
Anthony Frisina

Anthony is a passionate speaker who is willing to challenge the status quo to ensure people living with disabilities have a fair and equitable life. Anthony’s message that ” We are people first, we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect “ has clearly fallen on deaf ears of the Ontario government. The utter lack of government action to support the disability community has been catastrophic for far too long, and it is just not reflective of Canadian values.

We couldn’t ask for a better spokes person as Anthony creates and produces a Hamilton, Ontario television show that tackles the importance of accessibility awareness and inclusion for all. Above and Beyond found on Cable 14. He was awarded the 2020 Order of Hamilton recipient in recognition of his long standing volunteer work in support of his passion for accessibility. He has also found time to publish a book “Above and Beyond” that you will surely want to get your hands on. To order a copy of his book or discuss media opportunities email

Anthony along with other ODC members welcome media to explore and discuss solutions that will end the Ontario Governments discriminatory policies and solutions to build back better.

Anthony welcomes media requests and can be reached by email:

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