Speak Up! We are NOT Red Tape Rally

Image reads: speak up rally at Queen’s Park stop discrimination fund all disabilities,
Friday September 20th@ 11AM odcoalition.com and the Ontario Disability Coalition Logo.

TORONTO, ONTARIO– On Friday September 20th, 2019 at Queen’s Park from 11:00am until 12:00pm the Ontario Disability Coalition is hosting a rally to allow people with disabilities to speak up as we urge the government to STOP discrimination and fund ALL disabilities. 

Self-advocates will be calling on the Ontario government to take immediate action and implement policies to that will ensure Therapy for ALL and request consultation with the entire disability community, to create a robust and comprehensive Ontario Disability Program. 

We are asking that our government end the disability divide in public policy to ensure that no child youth or adult is left behind.  Ontarian’s are not in support of discriminatory service allocation that excludes children and adults with real needs. Critical to include those needs as it lessens the burden on schools, employers, families, and the health system almost immediately. 


About the Ontario Disability Coalition 

The Ontario Disability Coalition was founded to address and redress the ongoing and proactive discrimination of the Government of Ontario against persons with disabilities. It is a grassroots organization, comprised of thousands of concerned parents, caregivers, and persons living with disabilities in Ontario.

For more information, please contact:
Sherry Caldwell, Co-Founder
Ipek Kabatas, Executive Member 

Email: OntarioDisabilityCoalition@gmail.com
Tel: (416) 903-5067

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