Minister MacLeod, over 50,000 Children with Disabilities other than autism in the Province of Ontario deserve better

Ashley C, Sherry Caldwell, Dante W, Sharon Gabison and Ajay Sharma pictured in Queens Park media studio behind a wooden desk with Ontario and Canadian flags in the background.

On Monday, May 6, 2019, the Ontario Disability Coalition was pleased to hold a press conference at Queen’s Park, to discuss the plight of over 50,000 children in the province of Ontario with disabilities other than autism.

In response to our press conference, Minister Lisa MacLeod admitted that children with special needs other than autism are deserving of support from the Ontario government.

Unfortunately, her solution was to direct 50,000 families of children with disabilities other that autism to the current Ontario Autism Consultations.

This simply will not do.  

Today, the Ontario Disability Coalition sent a response back to Ministers MacLeod and Christine Elliott, to express our concern and frustration at the government’s continued dismissal of the needs of thousands of children with disabilities in Ontario: 

Page two of a letter from ODC to Ministers Lisa Macleod and Christine Elliott

News reporters following ODC’s press conference:

May 7th 2019,
TorStar QPBriefing By Sneh Duggal
Disability advocates say province’s current disability strategy is ‘picking winners and losers’

May 6th 2019,
Toronto Star By Kristin Rushowy
Children with disabilities ignored by province, parents say

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