We raised our concerns and the ministry responded, and so did our members.


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Today appeared to be letter writing day for the ministry as a number of members received the same response letter.  It did not take long for members to respond.

Dear Mrs Jane Cleve,

Thank you for your response letter. Just to clarify my letter to Honorable Lisa MacLeod and Premier Doug Ford was specifically about the lack of therapy and funding for therapy for children with physical and developmental disabilities(zero). I am very much capable of navigating/looking for services/resources; the problem isn’t my inability to navigate the system but rather there isn’t anything available in terms of physical therapy, occupational therapy as well as speech/communication therapy for children like my son. The whole point was/is to ask for change to the current system which has been discriminating against children like my son. How is it that one disabled child (with autism) can get $80,000+ for various therapies including and not limited to physical therapy while at the same time another disabled child (physically and developmentally disabled) gets $0?

I am not satisfied with your letter/response as it doesn’t speak to my concerns and frustrations; the government of Ontario is discriminating against my child as it is not giving same support to him as it does for children with autism.

I hope to see prompt change to current system which lacks support for physically and developmentally disabled children. There are thousands of children like my son, waiting to see same treatment as children with autism spectrum disorder.

I hope to hear back from you; addressing the concerns that I have been tirelessly expressing along with thousands of other parents.




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