Funding the Ontario Children Treatment Centres (“CTC”)

Not knowing the breakdown of the funding formula does makes it appear like their is an inequity but these points must be made as the real information and funding formula is hidden from the Public.

The points are:

  1. Revenues are based upon the client’s served and not on the success results.
  2. Yes, Holland-Bloorview Kids Rehab is CTC, a hospital and a research centre but a breakdown by division is not publicly available.
  3. Children with additional needs are required to go to a CTC in their region and not the closest one or the one that is recognized for success with a specialized therapy they may need.
  4. The Public cannot access information on the Funding, Clients Served, Success Rates, Specialty, and Revenues that use public monies.
  5. Some CTC’s have not published any information since 2015!



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