Together we can build political will

Constructing political will begins by calling attention to key issues and continuously pushing for tangible and effective requests. As an Ontario Disability Coalition member, you contribute to this effort by taking action each month from our call-to-action. You target your efforts to those in authority, like party leaders, Members of Parliament , Members of Provincial Parliment and senators since they have the power to develop policies and provide the financial resources needed to end disability poverty. Additionally, you can spread awareness by writing letters to the editor, utilizing social media, fundraising, and more! 💪

Running into barriers, roadbloaks and gatekeepers at every turn?

Who should you contact?
Federal Member of Parliament,
Member of Provincial Parliament or
maybe your Regional Councilor?

Now that depends on the level of Government responsible

Contact your federal Member of Parliament (MP) for services programs provided by the Canadian Government

The Canadian Federal Government is responsible for Taxation, Public Pensions, Employment Insurance, Family and Caregiving, Accessibility, Child Disability Benefits, Canadian Disability Benefits, CERB, Travel Passports, Immigration, Train and Air Travel and more..

  • Employment Insurance benefits and leave. Temporary benefits for workers, sickness, and family-related benefits.
  • Family and caregiving benefits 
  • Public pensions
  • Student aid and education planning 
  • Housing benefits
  • Disability tax credit (DTC) or Canada Pension Plan / Disability (CPP/D) Benefits
  • Find your MP

Contact your regional councillor in your municipality for programs close to home

Accessible Public Transit, Library, Parks and Recreation Roads and Sidewalks, Snow clearing, Garbage and Recycling Programs Fire, Police and Ambulance, Local programming for recreation and camps.

  • by-laws
  • zoning
  • smoking in public places,
  • zoning,
  • parking by-laws, and
  • property taxes.

Contact your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for services and programs provided by the Ontario Government

The Ontario Provincial Government is responsible for HealthCare, Home Care, Assistive Devices Program (ADP) Education, College and University, OSAP, Home Care, Development Services Ontario Passport Funding, AODA, Driving Licensing, Disability Parking Permits and more…

  • Family law,
  • Health law,
  • Labour standards,
  • Education,
  • Student aid and education planning 
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Ontario Works (OW) and other social services, and.
  • Housing, Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) issues.
  • Find your MPP