Help us fix Ontario’s disabled children and youth access to timely, and ongoing rehabilitation services.  Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech & Language Services are being denied to our disabled children and youth.  Those who cannot pay for it privately are left attempting to do the therapy themselves.

You can help decrease the barriers for ALL disabled children and Youth plus reduce or eradicate waitlists for therapies by asking candidates in your riding to sign a Pledge to support a Direct Funding Option.  This option will save the taxpayer money and is used successfully in BC, Alberta, New Zealand and Australia.  The Ontario Government needs to spend less money and time on study after study (18 years of study is enough).

Follow these effortless steps: 

  1. Download and print the Pledge.  Be sure to print multiply copies one for all parties.
  2. Seek out candidates in your riding and ask them to sign our Pledge.  They also may come to your door so have your forms ready.
  3. Then scan and email the pledge to
  4. If possible take a picture of your candidate signing the Pledge and post it on Facebook or Twitter with hashtag #MyVoteCounts.
  5. Follow Ontario Disability Coalition on Facebook or Twitter for updates on our campaign.
  6. For more information on who your candidate is visit elections Ontario.

Download the Pledge here:
Pledge – Support a Direct Funding Option – Trust Parents and Caregivers

Thank you for advocating and getting involved.



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